Understanding of Local Markets:UCSL tram is highly connected to all local and foreign participants.Besides top management has close relationship with management of most of the listed companies. This enables the UCSL team to remain on top of the game.

Experienced Management:Management is highly experienced, combined experience of the key team members is more than 30 years in the capital market of Bangladesh.The team has experienced of both the 1996 and 2011 crash.Management has keen sense of market direction and thus is able to produce accurate predictions

Professional Team: Currently UCSL team is one of the most capable teams in the market- Professionalism has been protracted from the very top of the corporate ladder.Some of the team members are engaged in professional degrees to enable themselves to cater betterservices

Block Sourcing: Top management has access to portfolio managers of local and foreign institutions, This enables UCSL team to have a better picture of the demand supply situation.Thus the team always enjoys an edge in sourcing blocks for local and foreign institutions.

Ethics & Integrity: Unlike the average