Pradip Kumar Sharkar

Research In-Charge

Mr. Pradip Kumar Sharkar has joined UniCap Securities Limited in September 2021, heading the research team as research in-charge. Prior to joining Unicap Securities, Mr. Pradip had worked in Maslin Capital Limited since November 2018 as an Investment Analyst and was also responsible to manage the strategic portfolio as the Chief Investment Officer. He had started his career as a buy-side research associate in Sigma Capital Management Ltd since November 2015 where he covered Banks, Pharmaceuticals, and the Power Sector, and led the research team after the Head of Research. During his entire research career, he participated in various training programs, seminars, roadshows, analyst calls. 

Mr. Pradip is currently pursuing CFA and is also an associate member of the CFA Society Bangladesh. He completed his BBA & MBA both from the Department of Finance, the University of Dhaka in 2012 & 2013, respectively.

Fahim Al Raihan

Research Analyst

Mr. Fahim Al Raihan has joined UniCap Securities Limited in January 2022, following an internship period with the research team. Mr. Fahim completed his BBA from Jahangirnagar University with major in Finance & Banking. He is an avid enthusiast of global financial markets with a keen eye on the developments of the capital market in Bangladesh. He is a keen observer of fundamentals affecting companies, sectors, and commodities valuations and likes to stay up to date with the latest macroeconomic and geopolitical events. He was a finalist in Optimity, a portfolio management competition in NSU, and participated in the CFA Institute Research Challenge 2021-22.